The Prescription for Joy
Reduce your stress by increasing your JQ (your joy quotient!)
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The Prescription for Joy: How to Transform Yourself from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed


Prescription for Joy Book
Joy Rx Book + Meditation CD
Joy Rx Book + Meditation CD + Musical CD

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Please come along with me while I explore life's challenges and blessings, sharing tears and laughter as we dive deeply together into the waters of Life. In these brief articles and essays, I share my own unique perspective on our existence here on our precious planet Earth
. JOYn me!

Prescription for Joy endorsements: 

“With more and more of us struggling to manage the ever growing weight of everyday obligations, fewer and fewer of us even remember what it is to be joyous, happy, or fulfilled. We know there has to be a wiser way to live, but we are too exhausted to even look for one. Ruth Williams' delightful and delightfully brief book, The Prescription for Joy, is a welcome antidote to our dis-ease. This is a book to be read, and more importantly a prescription to be followed.”

Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of Recovery, 12-Steps as Spiritual Practice

"Ruth Williams offers an accessible and practical way to turn stress, anxiety, and sadness into personal empowerment, positive faith, and a renewed zest for living. If you are ready to exchange worry and frustration for contentment and fulfillment, The Prescription for Joy is just what the doctor ordered."

Candy Paull, author of The Art of Abundance

"Ruth Williams clearly knows and lives the truth of joy that she shares in The Prescription for Joy, and that knowing jumps off every page. You will eagerly want to send it to your aunt, best friend, next door neighbor or college niece. As with most well written wisdoms, it is layered. It is first of all a clear, unpretentious, often playful guide and a delightful read by a very creative writer. And then there are the layers that invite you to go attention. How badly do you want the joy that is your birthright? The advice in these pages comes from an experienced teacher/therapist and spiritual observer. You'll also love the size of book and individual chapters--perfect for thoughtful journaling seeds and easy to tuck in a pocketbook or tote. I will be recommending this book to clients and students."

Gloria Karpinski, author Where Two Worlds Touch and Barefoot on Holy Ground

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