The Prescription for Joy
Reduce your stress by increasing your JQ (your joy quotient!)
Relaxation/Meditation CD

Meditation of Joy CD

A gentle blend of spoken words and synthesized music guide the listener
through a progressive relaxation, followed by a guided imagery. Treat yourself to this calming journey for only $10.

Sample the relaxation/
meditation CD here:

17" Awakened Awareness

25" Connected to each other


Ruth created this CD in response to overstressed clients who needed help in learning to relax. With Ruth's soothing voice, accompanied by gentle music (created by Grammy-nominated composer Marlene Tachoir), listeners are guided into restorative relaxation and often-needed sleep.

What her listeners are saying:

"Ruth Williams' meditation CD is one of the best I have heard.  Her calm, soothing voice, coupled with thoughtful messages of spiritual and emotional tranquility, help guide the listener to a place of personal relaxation and inner peace."  (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

"My dog and I go to sleep by Ruth's CD every night. Sadly, I've only heard the ending a couple of times! Before it's over, we're both snoring."  (a 34 year old female client)

"Ruth Williams, LCSW, is a master therapist!  Her ‘Meditation of Joy’ is a superb lesson in the art of learning to relax.  Ruth's voice is perfect for the synthesized music. Treat yourself to this treasure."   (Storyteller and Training Consultant)

“The Ruth Williams CD ‘Meditation of Joy’ is calming and peaceful.  Ruth has a soothing voice and leads the listener in a progressive format that leads you gently down the path to very deep relaxation.  Every time I listen to the 20 minute program, I feel like I have experienced a two hour nap.  (Colorado businessman)


Meditation of Joy CD   

Musical CD + Meditation CD

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