The Prescription for Joy
Reduce your stress by increasing your JQ (your joy quotient!)
Life Coaching
One-on-one or in a group (large or small), Ruth's intuitive, spiritually-centered guidance creates a learning environment that is renewing, transforming, de-stressing (as opposed to distressing!). Ruth's primary goal is to help people awaken to their own potential.

In her life-coaching sessions, Ruth assists individuals in achieving the life goals they decide to pursue. With Ruth's professional guidance and support, clients are able to look at where they are in their lives (professionally or personally), assess their strengths, consider any roadblocks that may be interfering in their progress, and begin taking steps toward those goals. Her positive, optimistic approach and intuitive style often allow the process to move quickly.

In her 17 years as a private practitioner, Ruth assisted hundreds of individuals in working toward their goals for a happier, healthier, more productive life. Now, with the advancements of technology, more people have access to her guidance through email and telephone assessment and consultation along their own unique journey through life.

Fees: Coaching sessions are $55/half-hour, $100/hour. Payment in advance is required for telephone sessions. Or, for a prepayment of $250/month, clients will receive three hours of coaching plus an additional weekly email consultation. Completion of an initial questionnaire (via email) is also recommended to assess current client needs and to clarify goals. Due to the demands of Ruth's current schedule, availability is limited, and clients will receive no more than one telephone coaching session per week.


Half-hour session:      
One Hour session:
Special Package:
Three hourly sessions +
weekly email consults

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