The Prescription for Joy
Reduce your stress by increasing your JQ (your joy quotient!)
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Little Pearls - "Tiny films" that open hearts and minds

The mission of Little Pearls and its "tiny films" is to transform the world we all share, awakening authentic connection and compassionate action on behalf of humanity and all living beings. Linda McLean, a fellow graduate of Ruth's from the University of Tennessee College of Social Work, is the Director of this non-profit organization.

"One More Time" - musical duo - Have music, will travel!

This delightful duo, Larry and Melissa Beahm, known as "One More Time," are two very talented and compassionate people who live in an RV and travel the United States, sharing their own personal variety of joy with seniors and with RV'ers. Friends since the beginning of time, they've managed to help keep music and friendship alive and well with Ruth and her family.

Help Starts Here! - Explore the field of Social Work

The profession of social work has been a well-respected career choice for individuals for over a hundred years. Ruth is proud to be a social worker and pleased to have had the opportunity to serve her community in some of the diverse ways that are available to individuals who have been "called" to service in the field of social work.

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