The Prescription for Joy
Reduce your stress by increasing your JQ (your joy quotient!)
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Ruth R. Williams, LCSW

To those who know her, Ruth R. Williams, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) personifies her "Joy Prescription." Through her own personal and professional life experience, Ruth discovered what she believes are five basic ingredients for managing life in a less stressful and more joyful way. 

Through her book, her blog, her seminars, and even through one-on-one life coaching, she seeks to "share the JOY" with as many as possible!

Here is the five-part Joy Rx:

1. Accept who you are.
2. Be awake, aware, and present for Life.
3. Experience life fully.
4. Let go of the things you can't control.
5. Share with others and celebrate our Oneness. 

About Ruth

Ruth R. Williams, author of THE PRESCRIPTION FOR JOY, has enJOYed a fulfilling career as a psychotherapist in private practice in addition to serving in the broader field of mental health and social services. In 1999, Ruth responded to an inner "call" to take her message of healing and hope to a larger audience. An amateur singer/songwriter, poet, writer, and photographer since youth, she often incorporates these gifts in her programs, encouraging others to discover their own unique passion in life. She has an innate and instantaneous ability to connect with individuals, groups, audiences or congregations. Her unique sense of humor and ease in many different situations works equally well with all age groups.
Welcome! Ruth R. Williams, LCSW, helps overwhelmed, overstressed folks decrease stress in their personal and professional lives through coaching, seminars, and keynotes.

Research continues to show that stress can often be a contributing factor in disease or ill health. We are experiencing a health crisis in our nation! Learning how to de-stress not only makes life more enJOYable, but can actually strengthen one's immune system and resistance to disease. We all deserve to be healthier - in body, mind, and spirit. Ruth helps lead the way.

Check out Ruth's newest product, The Prescription for Joy: How to Transform Yourself from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed.

In an review, a reader states, "Ruth R. Williams' Prescription for Joy has healing wisdom, as well as charm and humor. Ruth's sensible 5-step checklist sums up an encyclopedia of terrific advice, in a fun to read but short 110 pages..."

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